CSCE 595 - Colloquium: Friday, Spring 2022 - Shared screen with speaker view
Mohsen RA
When we use approximate computing, can we dynamically measure the quality of results at runtime and adjust our accuracy accordingly by using more accurate circuits? For example, if we accept a 1% error rate, how can we measure the quality at runtime?
Dear Dr. Qian,First of all, it is an honor to attend this presentation as someone inspired by your previous stochastic computing articles.My question is:From the application perspective, what is the most severe and challenging application to perform approximate computing? Are there any research prospects for cryptography?Sercan
Mohsen RA
Yes Thank you
Faeze Banitaba
Thanks for your interesting talk today, as you show in some of your methods, removing an input or some nodes in circuit is your solution, so, is there any ways to know which inputs to remove? for example in your page 33 slide, why you chose the input C?
Faeze Banitaba